Music NFT Launch on Momentable

With Army of Peace & Rise of the Technocrats NFTs The Army of Peace worldbeat sounds reference to the collapse of the Imperial Russian Army, 1856-1917. The Russian Revolution’s success happened with the mutiny of a class-conscious army. The soldier’s revolt in 1917 was more a social revolution than an anti-war movement. It was a revolution based on social distinctions within the officer corps as well as between the ranks. The army’s involvement in the…

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Audiobook & Music NFTs Launch Event

Redemption – Fight for Life Launch Event Launching a book involves several steps, each requiring careful planning and execution. Here’s a general outline: 1. Preparation Phase: Write and Edit: Your book should be completely written and edited to the best of your ability before you even start thinking about a launch. Produce Audiobook: Voice actors, original music, and riveting sound effects to immerse the audience in a thrilling audio adventure. Cover Design: Get a professional…

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